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Web Development

  • A 30% non-refundable deposit is required for beginning development

  • A 30% non-refundable payment is required for once work is approved by client.

  • Final 40% non-refundable payment is required once the web site is live.


  • No explicit adult sites of any kind are allowed to host.

  • No warez or MP3 sites are allowed to host on, Inc.

  •, Inc. reserves the right to remove accounts for spamming, or misusing, Inc. resources in any manner.

  • If you are under the age of 18, you must have parental consent to contract your web site. 


If you decide to maintain your web site yourself, Inc. makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, concerning its services and/or its facilities., Inc. can not be held responsible for lost or corrupted information or data if your company is in charge of maintaining your web site.

Privacy Policy

No information is sold or released to anyone about visitors to site or customers of Inc. without prior consent or a court order.  In other words, no information is released to anyone unless you give permission first or the government tells us we have to. Inc. does not maintain or sell lists of customers or visitors.  You will not receive ads from Inc. in the future other than: clarifications of orders; notice that the order has been shipped; and, in the case of e-mail forwarding and domain registrations, renewal and cutoff notices. Inc. does not attempt to collect personal information from children.  If children do send personal information to Inc., such as writing to Santa, sending e-mail, etc., the information is deleted.   Note that Inc. cannot always determine that a user is a child, and we do not have Santa's e-mail address. Inc. does not maintain databases of children or adults. Aggregate reports for web site visitors are generated.  These reports do not contain any personally identifiable information. Inc. archives the log files in order to create aggregate statistical reports, detect errors at the web site,  and for security reasons.  The log files are eventually deleted. The restrictions on the dissemination of personal information are not subject to change.  The policy is updated occasionally but the changes will not reduce the privacy protection of visitors.  If there are changes made in the future the changes will not affect information already collected.

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